Father Woody

The Reverend Charles B. Woodrich was editor of The Denver Catholic Register from April 1972 until January 1986, and was associate publisher of the newspaper. He also served as director of public relations and information for the Archdiocese of Denver from 1969 until 1986. Prior to that, he spent 14 years at an inner-city parish and 2 years as a hospital chaplain.

Father Woody took his college studies at St. Bonaventure College in St. Bonaventure, New York, and Regis University, Denver. He took his seminary training at St. Thomas Seminary in Denver and was ordained for the diocese of Denver in 1953.

Prior to entering the priesthood, Father Woody spent 5 years in the field of advertising and public relations. He was an account executive in the Curtis Wright Airplane division of the B.B.D.O. Advertising Agency in New York City. He was a technical representative for the Air Transport Command during WWII.

Under Father Woody’s editorship, The Denver Catholic Register grew from a circulation of 23,000 in 1972 to over 81,000 in 1986.

Father Woody was an active member of the Catholic Press Association. The Denver Catholic Register received numerous awards in journalistic excellence, thanks to his leadership. The most recent award was that 1985 National Award from the Denver Area Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, for the Register’s special Fourth of July issue. Other awards that have been given to Father Woody in the journalistic field have been: Publisher of the year, 1981 – The Press Club Association; Friend of Broadcasting, 1986 – The Colorado Broadcasting Association.

Father Woody was a staunch advocate of the poor, hungry and homeless. He was pastor of Holy Ghost Church, which fed 500-700 people daily and offered countless social services to people on the street and the poor. Holy Ghost continues these programs daily. He is cofounder of The Samaritan Shelter and was well known for opening the church doors for refuge to people on the street on cold winter nights. He has literally given the coats off his back to the hungry and homeless. Father Woody was the major factor for getting the low-cost lunch programs in schools throughout the nation: the Child Nutrition Act was passed in 1965.

For his humanitarian deeds he has received many awards:

  • “9 Who Care Award,” 1984, the first Frontiersman Award given by Denver’s TV Chanel 9
  • “Anthionian Award” 1984, from St. Anthony Hospital Systems
  • “Liberty Bell Award,” 1984, from Colorado Bar Association
  • Honorary Degree of “Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris Causa,” May 17, 1986, from the University of Colorado
  • “Civis Princeps Award,” 1987, from Regis College
  • Presbyteral Council Service and Leadership Award,” May 1987
  • “Annual Americanism Award,” June 1987, from The American Legion
  • “World Gratitude Award,” September 1987
  • “Tribute for Caring Award,” November 1987, from Hospice of Peace (Catholic Community Services)
  • “Humanitarian Award,” January 1988 from The Martian Luther King Jr. Colorado Holiday Commission
  • “Service to Mankind Award,” March 1988, from Sertoma International
  • “Sertoma District Award,” 1988
  • “Good Samaritan Award,” March 1988, from Samaritan House
  • Father Woody’s Vision and mission are carried on everyday at “Father Woody’s Haven of Hope” A Day Shelter for The Homeless.

"We are here to serve, not to judge" - Father Woody